But, Why?!?

With a whopping 95% of home buyers using a real estate agent in the past year,

and only 2% buying directly from a FSBO, selling with an agent statistically will

get your home sold faster in today's market. Although online resources have made

it easier to list your home, the exposure from sites like Zillow, Trulia, and others

won't guarantee a sale. They may get views, but without agent representation,

it's less likely to have offers rolling in. Another downfall to listing on popular internet sources is the incorrect home valuation estimates that are stated. These often significantly undervalue or overvalue properties; which cause a lot of frustration for buyers, and especially sellers.


Agent representation not only brings in a substantially larger sales price, but the protection that comes with experienced guidance can ensure you avoid the pitfalls of legal situations that can arise if a sale is not handled properly. Not only do you have a greater chance of a higher sales price with the use of an agent, but the stress it relieves you from the process is significant in it's own measure. Agents have the systems in place to have your home securely shown to buyers, and buyers that are already pre- approved to purchase.


Having a great agent by your side means the legal documents and disclosures are written up as they should be, in order to protect you from any troubles buyers may attempt to cause. Although DIY can be fun in many instances, in such an expensive transaction in your life, having the help of a real estate agent proves to be far more beneficial than the anticipated savings of not hiring one. And in most cases, the anticipated savings are eaten up by other means of the transaction; so sellers without an agent are left to their own devices in a stressful situation. Hire an agent that will work hard for your best interest during the transaction, it will be worth your time. 

This is just the beginning -- contact me for a comprehensive guide to listing and selling your home and how I can make a difference for YOU!

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